Cast a wider net to find your top talent

More than just excellent software, an effective recruiting solution must provide outstanding integrated services and stellar customer care. PointHR has combined our award winning assessment and screening solutions with sophisticated, intuitive and cost-effective recruitment and hiring solutions created by industry experts who truly understand talent acquisition. For more than a decade we have focused on providing Integrated services for the entire employment lifecycle. PointHR can streamline your entire human resources function with our customized services and proprietary technology. Because we’re HR professionals ourselves, we understand the challenges you face—and the answers you’re looking for to maintain an efficient operation.

Recruiting and retaining top people is critical to your success

PointHR helps you find applicants fast.

Our simple intuitive cloud based ATS makes it easier than ever to attract, screen, evaluate and hire better people in less time. You need relevant candidates; people you want to reach out to about open positions so you can fill holes fast.

How you look online is important.

Did you know half of all job applications are completed on a mobile device? Most antiquated ATS Software products are keeping you from filling your positions as fast as you may need to. If you aren't online with a cutting edge solution then you aren't in the game and will be left behind.

Display your jobs online and get more candidates.

We provide simple and easy tools to help you post your open positions online on your own customized and branded Career Center. You don't have to be web developer to launch your own career center - you just need PointHR! Our tools are so simple and easy to use you can be up and running within minutes.

Automatically create candidate profiles to help you get started on the right foot.

Automatically track candidate
Efficiently manage candidate information
Respond instantly to candidates and collaborate with team members
Assign tasks to other users
Automatic interview reminders for hiring managers and candidates
​Integrated with your own custom Career Center