Which applicant is the drug user? Guess again...

As your drug testing provider, PointHR offers a full line of lab-based drug testing services with the critical information you need to make confident and informed decisions about prospective and current employees. We have established a reputation as a national leader in workplace drug testing, with full accreditation by leading healthcare institutions and government agencies. We offer a full range of drug testing options, from standard and customized panels to specialized testing of medical professionals..

Full line of lab-based drug testing services U.S. Department of Transportation testing

DOT safety standards require regular drug and alcohol testing for key employees in aviation, trucking, railroads, mass transit, pipelines and other transportation industries. PointHR provides all DOT-mandated testing and ensures the integrity and confidentiality of every donor and specimen. Our compliance specialists are all DOT-certified collectors. We’ll work with you to set testing policies and procedures that meet and exceed DOT standards.

Drug-Free Workplace Program management

The U.S. Drug-Free Workplace Program is designed to eliminate illicit drug use in the federal workforce. PointHR provides total management of regulated and non-regulated drug-free workplace testing programs, including:
Policy development
Online and onsite employee training
Random testing selection, oversight and compliance reporting
Previous employer DOT reference verifications
Pre-audit, in-audit and post-audit support
Mock substance abuse test auditing

General testing services

Increasingly, companies are recognizing the value of drug- and alcohol-screening programs even when they’re not mandated by the government. Substance abuse testing enhances workplace safety and morale, reduces the likelihood of hiring known criminals, increases productivity, reduces costs—and ultimately boosts profitability. PointHR offers all types of testing, including pre-employment, for-cause, random, post-accident and reasonable suspicion.

Medical evaluations and physicals

PointHR provides additional medical testing services based on your needs, including:
Employment physical and fitness-for-duty examinations
Infectious disease and other surveillance/diagnostic testing
Medical examiner certifications for pilots, commercial drivers and merchant marines

Workplace safety support

We can help you meet other workplace safety requirements as well, including motor vehicle records, driver hours-of-service logs and driver qualification file management.

Integrated services for the entire employment lifecycle

PointHR can streamline your entire human resources function with our customized services and proprietary technology. Because we’re HR professionals ourselves, we understand the challenges you face—and the answers you’re looking for.

In addition to our substance abuse screening, our integrated solutions include:

Background checks and employment screening
Immigration compliance and form i9 management
Automated employment confirmation
Personality, skill and integrity assessmentsMake your life easier and your organization more productive with PointHR

Create an effective substance abuse screening program today. PointHR will help your organization realize the benefits of drug and alcohol screening — quickly, conveniently and affordably. You’ll strengthen the quality of your workforce and boost productivity.

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