Pre Employment Drug Testing

Clear advantages from a recognized leader.A customized program to meet your exact needs

Our services are flexible, convenient and affordable. Whether you're testing to meet government requirements or simply to enhance safety, productivity and the bottom line, we'll create a customized program that's a perfect fit for your budget and goals. Together, we'll make your workplace a safe, drug and alcohol-free environment for everyone.

PointHR delivers unmatched advantages in service, convenience and quality.

Web-based technology makes ordering tests and receiving results fast, easy and paperless. Our connectivity options provide efficient and effective communication between PointHR and your facilities.

Our nationwide network of more than 12,000 collection sites and occupational health clinics gives candidates and employees an array of convenient options.

All of our laboratories are certified by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration and meet the stringent certification guidelines of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

A strict chain of custody eliminates the risk of tampering-and qualified medical review officers confirm all results.

We handle all required record keeping and stay up to date with the latest testing and reporting procedures.

Integrated services for the entire employment lifecycle

PointHR can streamline your entire human resources function with our customized services and proprietary technology. Because we’re HR professionals ourselves, we understand the challenges you face—and the answers you’re looking for to maintain an efficient operation.

TRK HR Management Services

Lab based drug testing in hours not days

Employees who abuse drugs and alcohol have more accidents, use more sick time, file more workers compensation claims and are more likely to be fired. The cost of abuse to U.S. business is estimated at $100 billion a year - and smaller companies are more vulnerable because they're less likely to test potential and current employees. You can reduce the risks and costs of drug and alcohol abuse in your workforce with substance abuse screening from PointHR.