With PointHR's high-powered technology and expert staff, you can make the move to electronic I-9 management smoothly and affordably.

Actionable Intelligence you can use to correct deficiencies and directly Reduce your Liability. Our comprehensive audit report will identify two types of errors tracked by ICE—minor “technical” errors and major “substantive” errors—and estimate potential fines. Based on the audit findings, we’ll propose an action plan with recommendations for the most efficient and cost-effective path to achieve compliance and minimize liability.

TRK HR Management Services

I-9 Reporting

Here are the steps we'll take together

Phase 1: Discovery and setup

During discovery, we’ll gather the company I-9 information needed to confirm record-retention requirements, prepare for the audit and ascertain compliance. This process supports your commitment to meet the Department of Homeland Security’s “good faith” factor for third-party audits and contributes to your ability to obtain the department’s 5-percent discount. The PointHR audit team will establish best practices and data-storage parameters for your I-9 record management. We’ll also request the I-9 forms and set up the system for the audit.

Phase 2: Acquisition and processing

During this phase, you’ll submit your list of employees and related I-9 forms for entry into the PointHR Employee Management System. We’ll scan paper forms, homogenize unlike data, identify data discrepancies, purge any unnecessary records and prepare the final list of forms to be audited.

Phase 3: Audit and corrections

Our expert team of auditors will use proprietary technology to complete a 47-point check on each I-9 form identified for audit. As an added precaution to the required fields of the electronic form, we manually audit each completed form. This manual audit is critical for verifying accurate hire and start dates and detecting other input errors. PointHR is the only company that provides this second level of I-9 auditing.

Phase 4: Ongoing use of online I-9 system

Once your I-9 records are digitized and compliant, you can use our online I-9 system to manage existing data and add new records. We will customize the system to meet your exact needs and integrate it seamlessly into your technology and processes. We’ll provide the most compatible electronic signature, screen I-9 forms through the E-Verify system as your designated agent, audit new forms as requested and maintain ongoing compliance with the Department of Homeland Security.You need the PointHR Error Proof Electronic Form I-9:

Our Electronic I-9 solution and E-Verify automation eliminates the need for paper form I-9 collection and maintenance.