Streamlined accuracy and convenience

Automation makes it easy to provide current and former employees’ income and employment history to prospective employers, recruiting firms and other inquiring organizations.

Passes the expense of verification to the inquiring agency.
Ensures that references are objective, accurate and factual.
Ensures that HR procedures are compliant.
Powers prompt, around-the-clock response to reference requests.
Eliminates subjective comments.
Improves brand reputation.
Eliminates the risk of lost employee records.
Eliminates the need to search for old files.

PointHR’s Employment Management System also gives your employees a convenient way to share verified employment and income details with banks, mortgage companies and other entities. We provide a fully customizable platform to build your solution based on your unique business environment and existing systems. We can design the perfect HR package of solutions.

Seemless integration makes your job esier

How many calls does your team handle from organizations trying to verify information about past or present employees? Whether it’s a dozen, a hundred or a thousand—it’s energy your staff could be spending on higher-priority tasks. Free up their time with automated employment verification from PointHR. It’s a free service that provides legal, consistent responses on your behalf.

Instant Automated Verifications

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